Workshops and Lectures


In the Color Spring

Freeform Designs

This class will explore the paper and pencil method of design. You will make the pattern and then put it to fabric – You will be working with raw edge applique. At the end of the class, you will have a one-of-a-kind piece.

1 day — 6 hours


Random Design

You will ignore all the rules with this method of design, and it can be used for either an art piece or wearable art — Grab that fabric and cut – sew and cut again. It is fun the see the shapes and colors that come forth.

1 day — 6 hours



Where is my Quilt

Upcycle is the new word — let’s make a one-of-a-kind garment. Do you have an old quilt, one stuffed in a corner or packed away – something you don’t like? You will combine old and new fabrics using a pattern of your choice. The great thing about this method is that when you are done it is quilted.

1 or 2 days – 6 hours each day

One-of-a-Kind Garment

You will be using a commercial pattern either for a coat, vest, or jacket (your choice) and will learn to build on a foundation. You will use piecing, flipping, raw edge, and placement to design this garment. Fusing, beads, surface design, and yarn will help you to build a one-of-a-kind garment.

1 or 2 days – 6 hours each day


Surface Design

Surface Design

Learn how to enhance your garments or quilts by using foils, paints, silk screening, stamping, couching and other processes. Suggestions: make a garment, upcycle from the thrift store or your favorite piece that needs a new life.

1 day – 6 hours

Silkscreen frame

Easy Silk-screening

This class is designed as a technique-only class or technique in the morning and wall piece in the afternoon. I use a 3M machine to cut stencils of your chosen design then you learn the ‘how to’ part. We will be using thicken dyes and fabric paints.

1 day – 6 hour


Fabric dyeing

This class will focus on graduation dye pots. Learn the basics and safety of fabric dyeing. You will explore the types of dyes and different processes for fabric dyeing. We will discuss how to discharge, overdye, and use resists, plus discussion on surface design. You will take home 3 yards of hand-dyed fabrics.

1 day – 7 hours


Graduation Dye

Fabric Dyeing 2-Day Class

This class will follow the 1-day class shown above. We will be working on the process of discharge, overdyeing, resist and surface design plus some silk-screening.

2 days – 7 hours each day

3 Dye

Shibori Scarf Plus

Dye paint a silk scarf in the Arashi Shibori method. This Japanese design and dye process is hundreds of years old but still produces the most beautiful and elegant designs and surprises. No two are alike. While the scarf is curing, you will play with several other methods of the Shibori process.

1 day – 6 hours

Shibori Scarf


Snow Dyed

My Life as a Fabric Dyer

Do you love to fondle your fabric? Then fabric dyeing is for you.

A view into the many aspects of the dyeing process, batiks, shibori, graduation dyeing and much more. What color are your hands today? Slide show presentation and hands-on fondling.

1 1/2 hour program

Power Train

Quilts, Art Quilts, and Wearable Art over the Years

Travel with me as I journey through the years. One-of-a-kind garments plus art and traditional quilt pieces. Includes what you can do with “leftover fabrics” and “recyclables”.

1 1/2 hour trunk show